WIP Marathon Check in Post (1) & (2)

Heya guys!

So as you all know, I’m uber late with my check-ins for the WIP marathon. And I have a very good excuse for being late. Allow me to use my ex-kitteh mistekah to demonstrate how I spent the last few weeks.

There was a whole lot of this:


Hours passed, my muse wouldn’t show up and I ended up in a stupor.

And this:


Followed by fits of rage and disappointment.

Which eventually lead to this:


I give up.

But wait! I was able to break the cycle by sprinting with the wonderful WIPMarathoners! What an amazing encouraging bunch!!

So I obviously did NOT meet my goals. Still working on my first MS. I found a bunch of scenes that need tweaking, some need to be exed and some need to be added. The scenes I’m exing are okay but I don’t want okay in my MS. Either great or nothing. So this is taking me a while.

What distracted me these 2 weeks:

EVERYTHING. I caught up with The Mindy Project and Masterchef. I had a lot of bad stuff going on and my muse was burdened and decided to take a well-deserved break.

Goals this week:

Finish OFFED. Send it OFF to CPs and start DNW.



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