#WIPMarathon Intro Post

Hey guys!

The lovely Ifeoma Dennis came up with the idea for WIPMarathon. I honestly couldn’t resist this!! I’ve been slacking off for a month now and nothing like goals, structure and support to get me back on track. You can check the deets here.

Marathon Goals: 

1- Finish the final draft of my MS OFFED. I have been putting this off for a while and it’s time to get it done. Basically, I’m changing the voice in the first couple of chapters, fixing dialogue, adding and removing plot lines. This will -God’s willing- take a week or so.

2- Start working on the first draft of my second MS (A contemporary NA). I have two ideas and two MCs fighting for attention at the moment. We’ll see who’ll win, once I’m done with the edits.

Stage of Writing: 

For OFFED it’s the seventh draft or so (I honestly lost count). And the new WIP is brand new. I outline as I go so this ought to be interesting.

My Inspiration:

For OFFED, this story has been bugging me for years. I wrote the MG version of it in ninth grade, back then, my MCs had microchips in their brain, could make awesome weapons and bend their way out of prison. This version deals with fear, vengeance, treason, trauma and finding oneself.

The new WIP is a product of circumstances. I miss everything university related so, Harper or Ruby (whoever wins the battle), will experience the REAL awkward university experience, not the hollywood version. I hope to keep it contemporary, I’ll try my best to resist killing off characters.

What might slow me down: 

Aside from the emotional rollercoaster of a new draft and my super sloooww writing process, I might get slowed down by my Graphic Design course which messes up my night owl habits.

And that’s pretty much it!

If you’d like to join us, all you have to do is check  Ifeoma’s blog and write an intro post like this one.

So looking forward to this and meeting all the #WIPMarathon participants! 🙂